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Healing Yoga in a bamboo house

Meet the Yin Practice Program: Your Path to Inner Harmony

Its Here!
Inner Harmony Yin Yoga Program

Each week will include a theme on exploring, What it feels like to be me, guided breathwork, relaxations and a chance to journal and share in community.

My Intention for the Program

The intention of our time together is to support you on taking the time to get to know yourself again, to feel what it is to BE apart from all the doing!  Its also time to develop presence and  release trapped emotions that are causing imbalances in your body.

 You will have the tools to be a relaxed, present person and create inner harmony for better relationship with yourself, others and the world.

Enrollment begins now!


My name is Angela Herren

I'm a health and yin practitioner expert.  I love sharing yin because it has been one of the tools to help me slow down, breathe, be present and just BE.

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