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Sep 5 Written By Rachel Headings

Awareness is something that no one can give you. What does it take to wake up? It seems to look different for everyone. I know for me it took a pandemic for me to wake up and realize I was not living my full potential. I felt disempowered when the pandemic hit and I was required to continue going to work as a healthcare worker at my brick n mortar job, leaving my children at home to care for themselves. It was a powerless feeling, one that tore at my heart. How could I leave them alone all day- who was going to help them when they needed something, get them food, comfort them, protect them… Never feeling this way again became my ‘why.’ Why I decided to take the first step in creating my own reality, taking responsibility for how I was feeling and doing something about it. I was trembling when I made the decision to start my own virtual practice. I was consumed with self doubt, feelings of fear, uncertainty, and little faith I could actually do it. But my decision had been made- I became aware that something needed to change. I was not living up to my potential and certainly felt trapped in my current disempowering situation. As I started my mentorship and started to check things off the list, I started to see how capable I really was. It was module 3 that really made an impact. It was an entire module on mindset. Not a completely new concept to me, but one I definitely put on the back burner behind doubt, fear, shame, and guilt. After doing the mindset work I noticed a shift- things became easier, I was able to complete tasks without resistance, I had more belief in myself and less fear of the unknown. Having the courage to commit to do whatever it took to be successful has been the driver of my journey. Whenever things get tough or ‘hard’ I remind myself who is the captain of my ship...ME! We are all the captains of our own ship. We get to take responsibility for how we are feeling and begin to realize how the stories we tell ourselves create the thoughts that determine how we feel. We realize how life is happening for us and not to us. Our energy can shift when we start to adopt a new perspective on life events. We realize how life is orchestrated in a way to get our attention- for us to wake up to our full potential. That our true power begins with our journey to Self love. Once we are able to access this place within- our true power can begin to shine and begin to drive the ship in the choices we make and the thoughts/feelings we have. Life becomes less hard, things flow, energy is high, we get to serve with our gifts from a place of abundance and not from scarcity. The True essence within ourselves is always there- guiding us, giving us the courage, strength, and the grace we need to show up, do the next thing, peel back the layers, let our light shine. What will it take for you to wake up to your true power?

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