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Sep 23 Written By Rachel Headings

Self Care is an avenue to just BE, in each moment, surrendered to the reality- accepting of what is… and welcoming the uncertainty that is out of my control… How do we get out of STRESS. It, on some level, is the cause of illness, or dis-ease. There are multiple kinds of stress, physical, mental, emotional… and it is not always a clear path on how to DE-STRESS- or stop the STRESS cycle. If it is going to BE, it is up to me. Getting out of stress can be challenging since it looks different for everyone… How do we STOP the cycle? When is enough, enough? How do we let our body know it can trust us to listen again…

Step 1: Awareness: Without awareness- we are stuck on the hamster wheel. With awareness we have the power within to figure out what steps we need to take to get us out of the STRESS cycle. What have we been doing this far that has not been working, and what priorities, boundaries, habits, self care strategies need to be examined to get us where we can feel inner calm… full body relaxation, complete surrender- so that our nervous system can relax. Step 2:

Courage: It takes a lot of courage to face our “stuff” (patterns, habits, old wiring, subconscious limiting beliefs, crappy thoughts…) and figure out which ones are empowering us and which ones are keeping us stuck in the patterns of STRESS. It takes a lot of COURAGE to listen to our heart, and follow what it says. Courage to say enough is enough, my needs matter too- and switching the day to day routine from not getting your needs met to: “I choose to put my needs first-When I do this- EVERYONE WINS!” Self Care is the avenue to do this. When the STRESS goes up, the self care goes up- not out the window. It takes a lot of courage to make this necessary switch. Understanding that when this happens and your needs get met more and more- it is better for EVERYONE because you are no longer in SURVIVAL MODE, but in a mode of calm/peace/abundance/unconditional love.

Step 3: Commitment: It takes commitment to yourself- to the journey- to the up’s and down’s- to figuring yourself out… it is up to you. No one else can do it for you. Nothing else can do it for you. Getting out of people pleasing mode, or patterns like: ‘everyone’s needs matter but mine,’ or ‘if I don’t keep going I will fail and I am not worthy’…Stopping the excuses, blame- game, victim mentality, and negative outlook. If you cannot commit to yourself and figuring yourself out- how do you expect things to change? We get to bring awareness to our patterns of behavior, daily habits, and self talk - what keeps getting in the way? How do you talk to yourself? Are we our own worst critic? Do we act out of lack, fear, or become stagnant out of overwhelm or doubt? It takes commitment to ask the tough questions, change habits, wake up to our true potential, however, it is where the MAGIC can happen.

Step 4: Compassion: Self compassion is essential to being able to continually show up- unravel the habits, thoughts, and patterns that have played a part in getting you to where you are now. Understanding that everything you have been through has brought you to where you are currently… the path might have not been easy, but you are here now. Ready to take action. Part of that action is giving yourself a lot of compassion- encouragement- and acknowledgment for desiring change and being brave enough to take action. There can be a lot of ups and downs as the human self wakes up to the spiritual/enlightened/higher self. However, as you begin to make the little changes, commiting to your journey, putting your needs first, giving yourself a lot of compassion and love- you will notice an internal shift towards calm/joy/LOVE. Teach yourself to listen and embody the self compassionate voice that whispers “I am worthy” “I am strong” “I am deserving” “I am already ENOUGH” and let those beliefs sink into the depths of your soul- the TRUTH of who we really are. Getting out of stress can take us to a new version of ourselves. One we didn’t know existed… until now.

Step 5: Gratitude: Shifting into a place of gratitude and appreciation can stop doubt in its tracks- conquer fear, and bring us back to the here and now. When we get in a cycle of overwhelm, anxiety, inner turmoil- remember to breathe- feel the breath into the belly, expanding in full capacity, while exhaling 3 things you are grateful for. It is a technique that is so simple and powerful- when practiced regularly. When you wake up in the morning remind yourself of the top 5 things you are grateful for, and right before you close your eyes to sleep repeat this exercise. Watch what happens when you incorporate a gratitude practice into your daily routine. Gratitude takes us out of victim mode- out of the “have to’s” and puts us into the “get to” and “blessed to” mode. Coming from a place of gratitude helps our heart soften, our inner voice soften, and helps us surrender into the moment. Humans are complex beings… the more I learn and experience- the more I understand the complexity of life. Illness can be complex as well. There is no magic wand and no magic pill, however, there is a path to wholeness, and it starts with getting out of STRESS. This is foundational to any healing protocol, for without that being the first step, the rest is futile. STRESS RESET PROTOCOL: (take for 7-10 days; if experience detox symptoms, reduce Reishi spores to 1 capsule every hour while awake)

  1. Organo Reishi spores: 2 capsules every hour while awake Order Spores here

  2. L-theanine: 200 mg every hour while awake Order L-theanine here

  3. Melatonin (can be liquid): 1-2 mg while awake Order Melatonin here

Use this RoadMap to target the areas that need your attention… Self Care = Self Love = Health. Blessings on your journey! ACTS OF SELF LOVE ● Saying “NO” is and act of Self Love ● Asking for help is an act of Self Love ● Being open to receive is an act of Self Love ● Honoring your true Self and not changing who you are to conform/fit in is an act of Self Love ● Putting your needs first is an act of Self Love ● Speaking your truth- standing up for what you believe and have opinions on is an act of Self Love ● Figuring out what gives you energy and what depletes your energy is an act of Self Love ● Making strong boundaries in all areas of your life is an act of Self Love ● Being intentional with your thoughts/time/space/actions/choices is an act of Self Love ● Mindset is an act of Self Love ● Listening to your heart is an act of Self Love ● Releasing limiting beliefs is an act of Self Love ● Integrity to yourself is an act of Self Love ● Investing in yourself and your needs is an act of Self Love ● Doing what it takes to feel healthy is an act of Self Love ● Intentional rest is an act of Self Love ● Releasing the need to achieve to feel good or ENOUGH is an act of Self Love ● Taking ownership of your journey, how you feel, what choices you make is an act of Self Love ● Waking up to the power of your thoughts/choices/actions is an act of Self Love ● Replacing FEAR with LOVE is an act of Self Love ● Listening to the more compassionate, loving voice is an act of Self Love ● Getting out of stress is an act of Self Love ● Regulating your emotions and nervous system is an act of Self Love ● Finding mentors/healers/practitioners that align with you- that speak your language- that you trust to help you on your journey is an act of Self Love ● Realizing and accepting your worth is an act of Self Love ● Letting the little one inside know they are safe, loved, and worthy of love is an act of Self Love Where there is LOVE, illness cannot BE. Creating space for yourself, your needs, your desires, your expression to this world, your PURPOSE will produce health and well-being. For our journey here is to learn the way back to Self… to replace FEAR with LOVE and listen to our heart for which will guide the way…

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