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Oct 7 Written By Rachel Headings


  • Stop doing what you are doing- that habits, choices, beliefs, thoughts that keep replaying over and over and over have brought you to this point… it is time to change it up to create different results…

  • Become aware of the areas of stress- in you life, body, & emotions- patterns of stress perpetuate the cycle of inflammation and underlying cause of dis-ease/symptoms

  • Take your power back through focusing on thoughts and perceptions that all is happening for you and not too you. Getting out of the victim mentality is a huge shift that puts you back in the driver seat of making choices towards health and well-being.

  • Self Care is taking your power back- when the stress goes up- the self care goes up! Everyone wins when we put our needs first and get our needs met- instead of last- or neglected.

  • Make itty bitty changes each day towards the results you truly desire- health and healing doesn't happen overnight- it is a process of getting to know yourself and what works for you. Each habit/choice/thought can go towards creating health or creating disease. If you don’t like how your health is right now- start paying attention to the itty bitty changes that can make a big impact on getting the results you desire.

  • You are not broken, you can heal, believing in yourself and taking ownership of your journey is most likely the most important part of the healing journey.

  • It is not just one thing that can help you, it is a thing, then another thing, then another… get curious- what is your thing? What will help you the most? We get to figure this out for ourselves and it can look different for each one of us…

  • Healing, health, well-being, and feeling good is not a destination… It is a process figuring out ways of being that will create results we truly desire.

  • Making your grass green where you are is taking your power back- create what you truly desire where you are at, because if you keep jumping around trying to find the place that will bring you peace/love/joy/abundance/health… you might never find it…

  • Stop depending on another person, achievement, or something external to feel good about yourself or ENOUGH. This feeling is cultivated by your internal voice- the one you get to choose to listen to…

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