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Put the brakes on stress with Dr. Bob Rakowski's Stress Reset Drops and Ganoderma Spore Powder as the Stress Reset Protocol.


This bundle contains Dr. Bob's Stress Reset Protocol Bundle with 2 x Dr. Bob's Stress Reset drops and 2 x Organo Certified Organic Ganoderma Spore Powder. Shelf life is 12-18 months if bottles are not opened.


Put the brakes on stress with Dr. Bob Rakowski's Stress Reset Drops as sleeping drops or to create less stress in your body/biochemistry. Support less stress, anxiety, and better sleep where you sleep longer and deeper. 


Drops info:

  • 50 ml bottle contains about 100 doses. 

  • 1 dose is  – 0.5 ml = 1/2 a dropper



  • L-THEANINE 100 mg per dose
  • GABA per dose 25 mg
  • Methylated B12, 1500 mcg per dose 
  • (Methyl cobalamin 750 mcg, Adenosyl cobalamin 375 mcg  & hydroxocobalamin 375 mcg)
  • LEMON BALM 5 mg per dose 
  • CHAMOMILE 2 mg per dose 
  • BERGAMOT 2 mg per dose
  • MINT 2 mg per dose
  • Other ingredients: MCT oil, Water and Sunflower Lecithin


Shake well before every dose!


Storage instructions:

  • Do not freeze the bottles. - the dropper tube may shatter

  • Do not refrigerate - the coolness of the refrigeration makes it difficult for the ingredients to combine when shaken due to MCT oil getting harder, leaving the product with a slightly different taste

  • Best when taken at room temperature. It mixes well and has a far more favorable taste. Warmer than room temperature causes the taste to suffer


90 capsules per bottle - With Organo's patented revolutionary technology, they can extract all the benefits of this plant's amazing spores to their highest potential. As a result, these spores become more nutritious in substances such as polysaccharides, triterpenes, and selenium - than ordinary Ganoderma Lucidum. A high-quality product for those who aim for the best possible health.


Ingredients: 100 % Ganoderma/Reishi spore powder

Other ingredients: Capsule made of Hydroxipropylmetylcellulosa


We recommend that you open the capsules and put them under your young together with the drops. 


Ganoderma Spores
The Ganoderma mushroom is one of the oldest mushrooms to be used in Chinese herbalism, ranking close to ginseng for years of usage. It is one of the most researched mushrooms, partly because in Ganoderma there are substances called triterpenes. These are found in many foods and plants like honey, apples, and cranberries. There are 50 of these substances that are exclusively found in ganoderma mushrooms. When the Ganoderma lucidum mature, they release spores which are used for our Premium Organo King of Coffee.



Ganoderma spores are expensive not just because of their nutrients, but also because harvesting them has to be timed just right and how the spores are ‘opened’ directly impacts the quality.


A Ganoderma Lucidum takes about 5-7 months to mature. When it does, it will release spores in a most amazing array of nature. The spores are released from the underside of the mushroom and cover the entire mushroom within a few minutes and after a few hours, the entire micro-environment is covered by spores. It takes almost 900 kg of spores to make 1 kg of spore powder.


Spores are impossible for humans to digest due to their hard coating. In order to open, they must be carefully” cracked” and not spill out any of their precious and microscopic contents so that our bodies can digest the spores.


Organo™ Ganoderma spores are made in a unique way where the outer shell and inner protective lining of the spore are both ‘cracked’ to ensure clean, pure spore powder. Other companies can do a simple one-crack process that allows some of the inner shell to be included in the powder, making it less pure. Additionally, the Organo™ spore powder is Organic.




Dr. Bob Rakowski is a Chiropractor, Board Certified Kinesiologist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Biological Terrain Instructor, and the Natural Medicine Centre clinic director in Houston, Texas. In addition to running a busy practice, Dr Rakowski has lectured internationally for over 29 years on various topics related to Natural and Lifestyle Medicine, Happiness, and Success. He has appeared on numerous television programs and international radio talk shows. He is a recognized expert in functional endocrinology and in-office diagnostic procedures to assess nutrition status. His clinical experience ranges from treating elite professional athletes to critically ill patients with a variety of cancers and autoimmune diseases. Dr. Bob Rakowski has dedicated his life to helping people to achieve health, happiness, and success.


Disclaimer: This food supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Consult your doctor if you have a medical condition or are on medication.

Keep out of reach of children.

Dr. Bob's Stress Reset Protocol 7 - 10 days

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